Victoria Wax

Hand Poured - Unique Formulations


Based in Canada, Victory Wax develops an ever growing line of high-end products to the distinguishing owners of fine automobiles and vehicles of all kinds, as well as catering to professional detailers with an eye for beauty and pride in their work.

Victoria Wax began research into carnauba wax many years ago and after a few years of formulating and testing they were ready to offer their unique formulations to the market.  Many of the most discerning people in the industry now firmly believe there is no product on the market that equals what Victoria Wax has developed.

Their business is built around premium paste wax formulas that are hand crafted in small quantities. Victoria Wax enjoys the genuineness of good old fashion products and ideas that are out performing the ever growing list of cookie cutter relabeled products. Their goal is to make amazing waxes and related compatible car care products. Their focus is to quite simply supply great products to those few true enthusiasts that can tell the difference.

Victoria's fine line of products range from high foaming soap, non-abrasive cleansers, quick detailing sprays, and the paste waxes that started it all!

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