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Ech2o: More Than Meets The Eye

Posted by James R on 24th Feb 2020

Sky's the Limit

CarPro Ech2o - In Depth

Everything you need to know about the incredible versatile CarPro Ech2o

Not just a quick detailer

Most people know Ech2o as being a fantastic quick detailer, but its versatility extends beyond its most common use.. Depending on the dilution ratio of the product it can be used as a waterless wash, rinses wash, clay lubricant, glass cleaner, and even interior cleaner. Below we will go into a bit more detail on a few of these uses.

Waterless spray: A high lubricity mixture of product and water make an effective spray capable of cleaning off a vehicle without the need of utilizing a hose. This method may use more towels than your traditional quick detailer, but is able to handle more dirt, than just a light dusting. It should be know that this method is not completely safe for very soiled vehicles and we recommend either using a hose, or the rinsless wash method explained below for very soiled vehicles.

Clay Lubricant: Clay lubricant is essential for anyone looking to do a deep decontamination on their vehicle. Although CarPro offers a specialized lubricant for claying, Ech2o works effectively and is even preferred by some of our professional detailers due to its versatility.

Quick Detailer: The most common use of Ech2o, quick detailer is used for a fast wipe down of the vehicle to remove fingerprints, light marks, or oils. . It is usually utilized during car shows and sometimes after a traditional wash to add a little pop and remove any missed marks.

Rinseless wash: This method uses less water than a hose but more water than a waterless wash. About 2 gallons of water are utilized with the appropriate mixture of Ech2o to create a solution in the bucket that is an effective soaking agent for either a mitt or a towel. The towel or mitt is then rinsed completely in a separate bucket or switched our for a clean mitt or towel and inserted into the solution again. This is repeated for the whole vehicle which is then dried. This is an effective method for individuals in an area where water is scarce, or for those without access to a hose.


What makes Ech2o effective

The secret to the safe cleansing abilities provided by Ech2o is a combination of its modified high gloss SiO2 component and its innate cleansing abilities, which easily removes dust and light dirt whilst leaving behind a wet, glass-like surface! The finish left by Ech2o mimics the incredible properties that have become synonymous with CarPro SiO2 sealants and CQuartz coatings throughout the years!

In conjunction with a quality microfiber towel, the lubricants aid in safely removing the larger particles from the surface while the remnants of the Ech2o solution become an active cleaner across the surface and begin to loosen any ultra fine particulates that were left behind. Before the final step (noted in the product directions) the solution may dry to a fine haze indicating it is ready to wipe off any remaining product effortlessly!


When and where can it can be used

Just about whenever and wherever. Ech2o was specifically designed to be used in a multitude of locations due to its versatility, ease of use, and lower SIO2 content.

Ech2o is also safe for virtually every surface of your vehicle. paint, metal, wheels, glass, and even most interior surfaces.


More bang for your buck

Ech2o is EXTREMELY dilutable. To put its concentration into perspective, here is what a single 17oz bottle of product is able to make.

Waterless Spray: 2+ Gallons (1:15) 

Quick Detailer: 3 1/4 Gallons (1:25)

Clay Lubricant: 5 1/4 Gallons (1:40)

Rinseless Wash: 26 1/2 Gallons (1:200)

For the standard enthusiast, one bottle of Ech2o concentrate lasts them months, sometimes years allowing them to get the most out of their purchase.

As for shop owners, Ech2o allows for a versatile product that provides effective results and low cost, reducing overhead.


A match made in heaven.

Ech2o can be used with virtually any high-quality towel but we find a quality relationship between Ech2o and the Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile. The plushness of the towel allows for easy pick up of surface dirt while being the softest towel on the market which reduces its risk of swirling the paint. Combine that with the lubrication of the Ech2o and you have an effective combination to attack light dirt and dust safely on all but the most finicky paints.


If you have more questions about Ech2o or are curious on how it may be able to fit into your detailing arsenal, give us a call or shoot us an email at

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