Black Trim Restorer Kit*

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Black Trim Restorer Kit

Restore and protect your trim with our Trim Restorer Kit! 

CARPRO Retyre - the high potential hydrogen chemistry of CARPRO ReTyre, combined with its foaming design and agitation pulls the contamination out of the pores of the plastic for a deep clean like never before! 

Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer is an incredible product that restores originally black surfaces to a deep, rich black without the"wet look" shine and dries quickly with no greasy residue.  It's unique formula combines ancient ingredients with advanced polymer technology to provide a spectacular long-lasting, glossy black protective finish.

Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus is a newer polymer coating technology that can be applied to most flexible automotive surfaces such as vinyl, rubber and plastic. It coats, seals, and protects while adding a beautiful glossy finish

Kit Contents:

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Bumpers, pads and trim.
  • Mirrors.
  • Mud flaps.
  • Window trim. 
  • Seals.
  • Running boards.
  • Truck bed caps and covers.
  • Handles and wiper blades.


  • Cleaning:
  1. Simply spray CARPRO Retyre on to a damp, clean sponge and apply evenly to the surface to be cleaned. 
  2. Once the dirt has been visibly lifted, thoroughly rinse with clean water or thoroughly wipe using a clean sponge rinsed in clean water. 
  • Restoration:
    • For exterior use only. 
  1. Wear gloves and eye protection. Solution Finish will stain clothing and skin.
  2. Make sure area to be treated is clean and dry.
  3. Shake bottle well and apply a small amount to Blue Microfiber Applicator Pad.
  4. Spread a thin coat over area in an even motion, covering area completely.
  5. Allow Solution Finish to penetrate for at least 1-2 minutes.
  6. Use a clean Black Towel to buff off excess.
  7. For best results do not wash treated area for at least 4 hours.
  8. For added protection: Apply Ultima Tire and Trim Guard Plus after 1 week.
    • Tips and Precautions:
    • Will stain skin or clothes - wear gloves during application
    • For best results apply at 40 degrees F or above.
    • Use adequate ventilation.
    • Do not use on painted or glass surfaces; wipe off immediately with a clean applicator pad, terry cloth or Microfiber towel if solution gets on these areas. Use a paint safe cleaner if allowed to dry or as needed.
    • Applicator pads can be reused if stored in a sealed plastic bag.
    • Store Solution Finish in a cool dry place away from heat or flame. 
    • Keep bottles tightly closed when not in use.
  • Ultima Tire and Trim Guard Plus Application:
  1. Make sure area to be treated is clean and dry.
  2. On large areas, spray directly on the finish and rub in with a foam applicator.  
  3. On smaller surfaces, spray on applicator and apply to the desired finish. 
  4. On porous surfaces, such as tires and rubber trim, allow Tire & Trim Guard Plus to dry without buffing. 
  5. Use white towel to buff off any excess if necessary.



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