Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow (16" x 16")

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Microfiber Madness
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Microfiber Madness: Yellow Fellow 2.0 - 16" x 16"  - Made in Germany

When "Good Enough" Doesn't belong in your detailing dictionary.... 

I have to start by saying the Original Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow had already become my go to polish removal towel. When hours or days are spent polishing and achieving the perfect finish is it really worth it to save a buck by purchasing inferior microfiber? To me it is not... When Microfiber Madness told me about their plans for improving it further my first thought was, "How??? It's perfect!"  Well, as usual in any conversation with Microfiber Madness it quickly became an intriguing conversation and I couldn't wait to try it for myself!  

The redesign focused on improvements (if that was possible!) with regards to being a polish removal tool specifically.  The Yellow Fellow 2.0 is made of a special ultra fine microfiber material that provides the best possible bite for removing polish residue but is softer then ever!  Soft enough in fact, to avoid causing marring on even the most sensitive paints. Amongst the new upgrades the edgeless feature has been improved even further with softer and safer edges than even the original Yellow Fellow, while also being improved for even the toughest to remove polishes.  Additionally the new 360g/m² weight allows Yellow Fellow 2.0 the ability to consume a vast amount of polish residue while utilizing the safety of the new ultrafine blend to remain soft longer.  Tag-less design (as with every Microfiber Madness towel) guarantees safety and no snagging on protrusions.

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Target Application:

  • Polish removal.


  • 100% Made in Germany.
  • Blend: Ultra fFine blend.
  • Soft and paint safe.
  • Edgeless.
  • Tag-less.
  • Lint free.


  • Size: 16" x 16".
  • Gsm: 360.
  • Edge: Edgeless.
  • Color: Yellow.
  • Made in Germany.

Inspection & Packaging:

All Microfiber Madness products are thoroughly inspected twice by hand and individually packed in resealable bags before leaving Germany.

Microfiber Care:

When caring for microfiber towels there are a few simple rules to live by. Microfiber towels should only be washed with other microfiber towels.  If you wash with other types of fabrics like cotton, etc, the microfiber will retain lint from those fabrics.  Wash with microfiber detergent which contains everything you want and nothing you do not.  NEVER use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.  When drying either hang dry or dry on a very low heat cycle and never leave them in the dryer long enough to heat up.  A dry microfiber that is heated to a certain point melts and becomes a danger to paint.  Rinsing your new towels in the washer is always a good habit but also be aware that some colors may bleed onto others if you mix colors during that first wash cycle. After use microfiber should be stored, washed, and kept separate according to their task.  In other words you would never use a wheel towel and then mix it with your paint towel.  Mixing wax and sealant towels with glass and drying towels are a good way to remove absorbency from or cause streaking with your drying towels.  Interior or doorjamb towels will collect sand and particles you would never want in your paint buffing towels so keep those separate as well just to be safe.  

Points to Review:

  • Do not mix with towels used for other tasks.
  • Wash with microfiber specific washing detergent.
  • NEVER use fabric softener sheets.
  • Hang dry in dust free area or in dryer on low heat setting and remove when dry before overheating. 

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